The moment of truth.

The moment of truth.

The moment when suddenly everything you’ve dreamed of and worked for is within reach.

Until that moment, the idea of leaving seems so far away, surreal, impossible that the day itself will ever arrive.

It’s all just a dream, and dreaming is very comfortable and enjoyable, particularly when we aren’t obliged to follow through with our plans. There’s always someone else, something else, which gets in the way of us acting on them.

And that way, there are no risks, no frustrations, no difficulties, and certainly no thought that what we dream might actually become reality. Our dreams are dreams, and we don’t have to complicate our lives by having them come true. We can remain in our comfort box, looking out at what could be.

And so one day, when we’re old, looking back and telling the story, we can still look out, but this time at what could have been. And we can blame everyone else. Our parents, our partners, our children, our mortgage, our studies, our country. Everyone and everything else stopped us from realising our dreams.

If it weren’t for them… ay, what a life it would have been!


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